Changing Keyword Servers in Mac Communicator 4.5

Editor's Note: This is probably not kosher with Netscape's Liscense.

If somebody has good info on how to do this on windows please let me know

How to Change Keyword Servers in Netscape Communicator 4.5

Do this with a copy of Netscape Communicator 4.5. Work only on a copy whenever you're working with resedit.

  1. Launch Resedit
  2. Open a copy of Netscape Communicator with Resedit
  3. Double click on the "Text"
  4. Select the item called "3010" "allprefs" but don't open it
  5. Copy it (command-C)
  6. Switch to BBEdit
  7. Paste (command-V)
  8. Edit the preference line which says pref("",    ""); -- It's near the top.
  9. See the notes about what this does.
  10. Select ALL
    NOTE: Make sure there isn't a blank line at the end of the file. If there is you may have problems with prefs which will likely show up right away as color preference problems.
  11. Copy it (command-C)
  12. Switch back to Resedit
  13. Paste (command-V) into the "Text" table you left open
  14. Delete the "3010" "allprefs" item
  15. Select the item you just pasted (it should be number 129) don't open it
  16. Choose Get Resource Info from the Resource
  17. Renumber the resource "3010", give it the name "allprefs", and check the "purgable" button
  18. Save it and launch your copy of communicator.

More Info:

See How Netscape Does Keywords-- also has some info on the "What's Related" feature.

Something similar should work for Windows too but I haven't had time to test it yet.

MacFixIt has info on changing the memory cache for Macs. A Netscape engineer wrote to MacFixIt about not editing the resource directly in ResEdit because of limits to TextEdit.