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There is a Google buzz in the house this morning. It started off with a mailing list I belong to getting a note entitled "Alarming Google Feature!". What is this alarming feature? It's the combination of reverse phone lookup and maps. It's not even a "Google" specific feature. There are at least dozens of ways to do reverse phone lookups and mapping online. Oh, by the way, there are even more ways if one goes down to the local library.

While doing some Googling this morning I came up with a few more questions. A few days ago I found some differences between how Link: seraches work and how it would seem they would.

Today a search on brings to mind an interesting question about how various parts of Google interrelate. A search on the term brings back one hit. The text shown on the front page is an older version of the site. However when you look at their cache of the site it's only a few days old. I'm curious how long it takes to get the index text updated.


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Thanks for visiting my site

Thanks for visiting my site

I agreed with the info on the comment you left for google. Although, my take is why make your info even more accessible if you value your privacy?