The Great SARSscam

On the way home for lunch there was a discussion on the radio about SARS. Dr. Len Horowitz's called in to talk about which proclaims to be "a website established by a consortium of companies that produce and market advanced nutritional products, healing remedies and technologies, and environmental conditioning appliances for purifying air, water, and electromagnetic fields."

While this appears to be strictly true there are three companies listed as the site's sponsors. All three are LLC's that on their About page say are directly parts of Dr. Horowitz's business interests. In fact the same article appears on one of the sponsors site, apparently identical to the SARSscam site.

One of the prime arguments is that SARS is about companies making money. Why then, since influenza kills thousands a year are these same monied companies that are supposedly in charge of all this not "making" the media report about their influenza related products?