35K and going

Good Morning from 35,000 feet. I love morning flights across the Rockies. First the airport is empty when you arrive so the trip through security is much faster than later in the day. Once you leave the ground the air has not yet had the time to heat unevenly so the chances of turbulance in the air are greatly reduced. Finally there are beautiful sunrises like this morning. The clouds to the east of the Rockies were packed in tight. Like a knife edge the mountains cut the clouds and the only vestiage of such a complete carpet on the western side was a hazy morning dew. (I didn't bring the CF reader with me in the cabin so the picture will have to come later).

I once had the pleasure of being pilot in command of a small aircraft making a similar flight. Fly south along the Front Range and hang a right over a mountain pass. Crystal clear skies and no turbulance. A beautiful day. It has been reassuring of late to see that the airlines are doing what they can to mitigate the threat of missle attacks on flights. It is not enough and the situation has to be dealt with (perhaps we could use some of the 21 billion dollars slated for Iraq's rebuilding at home) but it is good to see that airlines are taking steeper departure angles to reduce the risk as much as possible.

On another note this blog entry is brought to you by MYSQL database replication. It won't appear to most folks for a while (until I connect to the network). It looks like a similar tool is available for Filemaker to do some replication of data. I haven't looked at it yet to see how robust it is. From the glimpse on the website it looks like it can handle one-way replication. MySQL is good for one- and two-way replication.