On blogging....

Harvard Business Review has a case study in their September 2003 issue about blogging and it's interrelationship with companies. Combustible Boy has a good analysis of the issue which raises an interesting question. His solution is to be both anonymous and not write about work. My solution is to not write about work while not being anonymous.

Editor and Publisher meanwhile has an article about the weblog of the Andrews Murder trial being kept by KFOR reporters. The disorganization of the KFOR site points to the challenges they are having in adopting the new format. One of the very first such postings was a project I produced in 1995 which provided live ongoing updates during a football game.

Maybe I'm strange (that will come as a surprise to few) but I particularly enjoy reading about the trial from a jurror's perspective. I really enjoyed the time I spent sitting on a jury and it's interesting to see the system from that perspective.