Please continue to hold

I discovered after the close of Apple's support last night that the Ambient Light Sensor isn't being recognized on my Powerbook. So far the "longer than 15 minutes" that I was to be on hold definately has been longer than 15 minutes. It wouldn't be so bad if the hold music wasn't so bad and if there wasn't an interruption every 20 seconds telling me to continue to hold making any attempt to listen to the music a problem as well. URG! Evidently they need to crank up thier Blue Pumpkin and get some folks scheduled.

It's now 1.5 hours since I called. I'm on hold with a product specailist. Either they think I'm blowing smoke or they seem to think it has something to do with Panther. As far as I know the keyboard has never had backlight function. However, there is a report on Macintouch today that someone else whose keyboard DID work under 10.2 with the problem on 10.3.


Keyboard Illumination

Did you ever get your keyboard illum to work? I'm having the same problem. I'm running Tiger 10.4.2 and my illum worked at first, but one day last week it just quit. The keyboard illum keys no longer work and System Prefs/Keyboard & Mouse no longer has an option to turn on/off illumination. Strange thing indeed....

With a replacement

It took a replacement laptop to get it working. The lack of a system preference is a bad sign unless it's still covered by Apple Care.