Cell Phone Post Part II

I posted the other day about having gotten the cell phone working. Indeed it works well. I have since found the Verizon modem script. Now the problem is that each time the machine boots it connects the first time just fine. After disconnecting however, it will connect a second time but is rendered useless by a near constant string of "disconnect-connect-authorize". It does all of this quickly enough that it continues to increment the counter and does not miss a beat. At times it will appear to stabilize and stay connected for a time but the next set of packets on the net can set the whole thing off again. Is OS X having trouble with getting a different IP?

The script above does make the response about the communication speed accurate which the Sprint PCS script does not show correctly. It does, however, take a while longer to connect and disconnect. I've also found that it matters (at least on the 15" Powerbook) which USB port the phone is connected to. Changing the port results in the message that the modem is not connected.