Networking Question

Here's what I want to setup. If a packet is bound for the local network (say 123.45.x.x) then it should go via ethernet. If it is bound for a foreign network then send it via the modem. The challenge is that the local network is addressed using DHCP and I don't control the DHCP server. Anybody have ideas on the best way to set this up.



Networking Question

Actually you shouldn't have to do anything. The computer will be smart enough to know to send packets bound for the local net via the ethernet device. It's a very rare thing, these days, to see a multi-homed device not know how to negotiate the networks it's attached to.

The challenge

This poriton works as described. The problem is I want ONLY the traffic for the local network to use ethernet. The DHCP on the ethernet provides a gateway and the machine wants to use it. I want to seperate the traffic essentially based on address. If it's POP3 traffic for the world send it via the dialup. If it's POP3 traffic for the lan send it to Ethernet. It seems like it should work as suggested here but for some reason it seems not to. more digging....

networking Question

Joshb, you should tell us the operating system of the machine you wish to set up this way ... if it is unix based (linux), you can ask the DHCP client on your machine to start a script to (re)configure your network routing just after receiving info from the DHCP server.

Two machines

There are two machines one is OS X (BSD) based and the other is FreeBSD based. What is the best way to reconfigure the network routing for the machines?