Using Proxy.pac in OS X 10.3.2

Having downloaded OS X 10.3.2 today here is how to setup a proxy.pac file.

  1. Go to the System Preferences
  2. Select the Network panel
  3. Select the connection you want to edit and the network port you are wanting to edit.
  4. Select Proxies from the right tab at the top of the window
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select "Automatic Proxy Configuration"
  6. Enter the address of your proxy.pac configuration file (usually something like (



proxy pac

My internet connection (corporate firewall, NT servers, autoproxy) requires users to enter a password to access anything other than the corporate intranet home page. The .pac setup on 10.3.2 doesn't give an option to enter a password - all other proxies e.g. FTP allow you to designate a user name and password. Any way around this


The proxy servers I've used prompt for this at the time the user accesses them. I have one proxy that requires two passwords. To access company 2 from company 1 you must first authenticate with company 1's proxy server and then with company 2's proxy server. This is handled automatically by standard password request windows that pop up when you try to go to a website on company 2's network.