WebObjects and Xcode

Does anybody have good tutorials on Xcode and WebObjects 5.2.2? I have found several pretty good articles on places such as MacDevCenter but none address Xcode specifically. My current problem is getting the EOModels to show up when I tell Xcode to create a display container. There is a list of Entities that now includes one I did for a tutorial but can't get it to include the "real" EOModels I created and want to use for a project. I've worked a bit with DirectToWeb - fantastic technology. I'm fearful of many of the books on WebObjects as they seem dated and I'm not sure if they'll add value or confusion. Suggestions?



For Example

The Apple guide "Developing web objects applications with direct to web" says that to edit the launch arguments that you choose "Edit Active Executable" from the Project menu in Project Builder. Where is the similar function in Xcode?

An old question

It turns out this question was asked on October 30 on the WO developer list. So far as I can tell there has not been an answer yet.