iLife 04

Apple's iPhoto got a major overhaul today. The demo given by Steve Jobs had over 20,000 photos, great performance, date based organization, easy rating of photos, better slide shows and photo sharing through Rendezvous. iPhoto jumps to version 4.0.

Next Jobs went on to demo iMovie 4. New features include iSight importing, new titles, audio scrubbing and enhanced exporting.

Not to leave out any part of the "i" suite Jobs also revealed the new iDVD 4. Throughout all the applications the Cube transition, as seen in Apple's fast user switching is everywhere. Possibly that indicates the reintroduction of the Apple Cube?

Following the updates to the existing applications in the iLife suite Jobs introduced the fifth member of iLife with Garage Band. Up to 64 tracks, soundtrack built in with 1000 loops, over 50 software instruments and guitar amps built in. You can interface with any USB or MIDI instrument and live recording.

iLife 04 will retail for $49 starting on January 16th. There will also be a $99 keyboard and $99 supplemental pack with 100 additional instruments available at the same time.

Earlier in the presentation Jobs also announced G5 based xServe machines.