Atom vs. RSS

Jeff Beard has some comments on the ongoing debate over RSS vs. Atom as means for providing/consuming syndicated news feeds on the web. He hits the nail on the head with this comment: "Many bloggers, while ahead of the curve, are not going to understand what a namespace is. Put it in terms and context of how it will affect them where they live, and get this out into the mainstream media channels."

This is a problem not only with the RSS vs. Atom debate, but with so much of technology. Technologists LOVE to come up with solutions. Many even event solutions for problems that haven't been invented yet. This invention is good. What is not as good is trying to put this technology off onto others. For the vast majority of computer users, and even the vaster majority of people there needs to be a common sense reason to use technology, not a cool technology that they have to find a way to use.