Barnett needs to go

Being close to the epicenter of the CU scandal we hear a lot about it each day. The deal right now with coach Barnett is that he continues to earn about $114 an hour. There does not need to be an extensive investigation to understand he finds it appropriate to respond to a young woman's rape allegations with statements about her playing ability. Nor will it take weeks to uncover that, once caught, he gave a hollow apology that shows he doesn't understand that his original statements were inappropriate. It is time for the leadership of the University of Colorado to step up and remove Barnett. He continues to be paid as an "investigation" goes on into the program. The investigation will find what it will, and the next coach will have to do what they can to put the program back together from the ground up. Whatever the outcome of the investigation it remains clear that Barnett has shown he's not a leader that can be entrusted with our young people's lives.