Communications 101

A lot has happened up the road at the University of Colorado this week. The allegations are terrible. If but a small portion of them are true it leads one to believe that major changes are needed. Is CU the only school with such transgressions? I doubt it. It doesn't make it acceptable but it should be a clear message to other programs to get their houses cleaned up. It has been very disturbing to listen to the Buff's coach this week. Even after being suspended his comments suggest he doesn't get it. He said "I sincerely regret that yesterday a portion of my remarks were either misinterpreted or taken ... aired out of context. I apologize for answering that question in a manner where I must have come across as insensitive."

Examining what Barnett sait it becomes clear that Barnett must believe there is a context or setting where his comments about a female player's rape allegation being blamed on "inability" are appropriate. I wonder what that context is? He goes on to say that he must have come across as insensitive. There is a fine but important splitting of hairs here. He did not say that his comments were insensitive. He said that people must have interpreted them as being insensitive. The more Barnett talks the easier it becomes to understand why a culture can exist like that which is alleged in the CU Football team.