Miles campaign talking points

The Mike Miles for Senate campaign again is sending talking points that don't really say anything. A couple of days ago my post drew a response that reads verbatim like the Miles campaign. Let me make it clear I do not support any particular candidate. What saddens me is to see so much traditional political muckraking when there is a chance to reinvent the political process in a new way. In a quote often attributed to Einstein, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing an expecting different results. Indeed Miles is doing much the same thing as so many candidates who are new to politics have tried - many unsuccessfully.

Finally as to the last point - I thought a candidate got to decide what race they are in... interesting to try and define your opponent as a candidate for another race.

Mike Miles delegates and volunteers:
Thanks for being willing to commit Tuesday evening to the cause of winning back our democracy by helping to nominate and elect Mike Miles to the U.S. Senate.

On Tuesday evening when you head to your caucus, please take these Talking points (see below)

If people at your precinct raise the issue of electability based on name recognition I suggest that you pose this question:

Can Salazar win over Pete Coors on name recognition or money?

Or, can Mike Miles win over Pete Coors on Mike's foreign affairs experience, his education leadership experience and his service to our country?


Mike Miles Believes:

  • .. public education is the cornerstone of American democracy
  • .. equal opportunity applies to all
  • .. the democratic process and liberty matter
  • .. people are entitled to equity in our health care system
  • .. the protection of our environment is the obligation of every citizen
  • .. there is no price too high to pay for human and civil rights

Why Mike Miles:

  • Because of superior experience and qualifications to serve in the U.S. Senate
    • Military service from West Point to Army Ranger unit commander
    • Diplomatic service with the State Department in Poland and Russia
    • Educational experience in improving student achievement
    • Commitment to human and civil rights
  • Because of common sense leadership
    • Fiscally conservative approach to budget questions
    • Clear about issues
    • Collaborative, inclusive policy maker
    • Independent of political and corporate influence and favoritism
  • Because of electability
    • Strong state-wide campaign organization
    • Broad base of support from thoughtful, responsible, moderate voters

Electing Mike Miles to the U.S. Senate and Ken Salazar as Governor
gives Coloradoans and Democratic voters two major wins