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Sandy Valley is the name of the community in southwest Nevada that actually straddles the Nevada-California state line in the Sandy-Mesquite Valley. The community, which is 45-minutes away from Las Vegas, features more open space and larger parcels than the rapidly expanding Las Vegas Valley. Many horse owners find the valley particularly attractive with many places to ride straight from home. There are a handful of large (in terms of land area) ranches and farms in the valley. They include turf farms, Sandy Valley Ranch (a guest ranch) and Two Hawk Hay Ranch which provides hay to many local and non-local livestock owners. The valley is also home to a couple of air parks including the beautifully appointed Kingston Ranch.

Several other businesses provide local residents with all manner of services in the valley. Feed stores, and general and grocery stores combine with paralegal services and a fantastic local library to provide all nature of services. After the sun sets there is a local video rental store to provide something to watch on the tube or a couple of local watering holes provide gathering places for some. Other recreational activities include the Outer Limits Raceway which features radio-controlled racing and Sandy Valley Motocross for the full-sized version.

If you're looking to get online while living in the valley or visiting there are a few choices. The library offers the least expensive option with their .three public access terminals. Sandy Valley Cyber Co-op provides another couple of options with dialup access throughout the valley ($20 a month/$10 setup). In some portions of the valley the co-op also offers wireless access ($30 a month/$400 setup). In other areas high speed access is available either through dedicated T1 lines ($500 a month) or Satellite internet ($60 a month).

There are an amazing number of utility companies for such a small community. Nevada Power and Valley Electric split the community with Nevada Power servicing the smaller portion of homes in the southern end of the valley. Southwestern Bell Corp. (SBC aka Nevada Bell) provides phone service throughout the valley. Propane delivery is available (though the company name escapes me at this point). Republic Services provides weekly trash service, bi-weekly recycling and a transfer station that is open throughout the week.

There are a couple of local real estate companies doing business in the valley. Our experience though suggests that Pete Cooper is a great real estate agent and is a good person to talk to. Much of Sandy Valley is modular construction though there are some nice custom homes being built in the valley as well.




Accessory apartments for Clark County?

For RentThe Clark County Commission will consider a change to the county's land-use code, Title 30, allowing accessory apartments in several single-family residential areas

Anything for rent in Sandy Valley?

Hello there-
I like your site. Its very informative. I am a unlv student who enjoys living rurally, and I have a horse as well. I was wondering if there is any sort of form for a person wanting to post a " wanted to rent" ad for housing, or a classified ads section where people list those sorts of things. Just curious. Thanks Elisa


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We'd be most grateful!!!

Steve Meyer
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sandy valley , NV

Where would I search to check if any changes are in the future for zoning changes to zoning in Sandy Valley. ???? We have owned vacant land in Sandy Valley and would like to know if Zoning in that area will change to sub divide to lots ???? Is it possible to find this information??????

Jim and Sharon Rose


HI Jim/Sharon
Yes you can divide into a 1 acre lot for a about $7,000-9,000 you will need an easment between you properties

CAC Agendas

All zoning changes go through the CAC and the county commission so you can check those agendas. Also if a neighboring property puts in for a zone change you'll recieve a post card notifing you when the hearing is.

Sandy Valley requires 2

Sandy Valley requires 2 acres to have a house outside of the airport area. While you could spend the money to divide your property smaller (into 1-acre lots as a local realtor suggests) you'll then have to put them back together to make them usable.