Real Estate Guide

As we're settling into the place I thought I'd share my recently expanded view of real estate terminology. For those who have not yet joined the ranks of rural property owners here is a guide to terms you might encounter:

Automatic Waterers - a device that at one time is purported to have provided water to animals. The main control valve may function but don't count on it. At least you'll have a collection of semi-usable parts to start your own system.

35 minutes from ________ - fill in the blank and buy a jet. You'll need it to get from wherever they are claiming is 35 minutes away. Unless you plan on being a permanent donut provider for your local coppers you won't make it in 35 minutes. Probably better allot an hour to make it.

Automatic Sprinklers - there are at least a few pieces of what was once a sprinkler system left. The jury-rigged extension cord that runs to the controller pieces may be the most valuable piece of the whole shootin' match.

Satellite dish - the dish is probably still there. The tree that was planted in front of it several years ago is now much more valuable than the dish (which will ALWAYS be for a satellite company you don't use). Getting the thing out of the way will be another story entirely. While you're at the hardware store stocking up on irrigation parts for your "automatic waterers" and "automatic sprinklers" you should probably pick up some cable and a post to put your dish on.

Beautiful front yard - Nobody's been in the back yard for years except for the free-range dogs who like the place and keep leaving deposits.

Appliances included - nobody took them when they were offered for free. Ever seen a one-cycle washing machine?

Immediate possession - just as soon as you can haul away all the last owner's junk.

Septic just pumped - don't believe it? Just get in and look for yourself. It was just pumped in the last few (5-10) years sometime.

None of this should suggest that we're anything less than completely happy. In fact it is a wonderful place and a great start for what will be a great place. We even have a phone as of last night and we're finding places for most things. After a very busy travel schedule in June we'll have the horses at home and will be settled in for the "sunny and warm" months of the Mohave Desert summer.