I had a great lunch yesterday with a couple of Senator Reid's staffers. We met to talk about a great program - Nevada Boys' State. It's a program I participated in while in high school and was a counselor for the next year. I look forward to getting back involved with a great program. We also had a great discussion of issues that we don't see eye to eye on. For example we discussed the LIncoln County Development Act of 2004 which the Senator co-sponsored. It reminds me though, why I choose to go back to work in education. It is refreshing to be in an institution where open discourse and debate can occur without people walking away hurt afterwards.

PS if this is read by any of the participants in the discussion hay was the largest cash crop in Lincoln County in 1997 according to the Department of Agriculture's report (PDF). The sixty operating Lincoln County hay farms (as of 2002) would be surprised to hear they don't exist. Of the sixty farms exactly sixty are irrigated with the water Las Vegas seeks.