Hope and Optimism in Boston

Michael Byron, a candidate for California's House District 49 writes from the Democratic National Convention about the restrictions on those who would protest the convention. Both conventions have been declared "National Security Events"Protest is a fundamental right enshrined in Article I of our Constitution. (A note that this should really read "the First Amendment to our constitution", Article 1 has to do with the structure of Congress not the freedom of assembly and speech.)

What really surprises me is that the National Rifle Association and others haven't figured this out yet. The Bush regime is using organizations that support gun rights while it is convenient. Once the regime completes whittling away the rights given in the Constitution and completes the formal transition to oligarchy. Then they will be around to take everyone's guns and anything else they want. Once the press is no longer free to write about what is really happening and the right of people to assemble in protest is gone there will no way to know that your neighbors guns were just seized.

Wouldn't it be wiser for the NRA and others to support Kerry, knowing that they disagree, but that they will be able to continue to live under the constitution including the right to keep and bear arms. There can then be an open debate, protest and discussion about what that means and whether it applies to handguns, rifles, muskets, cannons or nuclear arms in part or collectively. With the Bush regime your rights to participate in this debate will be gone shortly before your fire arms.