I want my old blogging world - Check out Drupal

Marc Canter writes about wanting tools he used to have in Radio Userland. The first feature he mentions is one of the key features of Drupal. "The functionality of having a POST button right next to the news story - is essential." I could not agree more. In fact the features he asks for are possible in Drupal. I'm not certain that the WYSIWYG copy and paste is standard but it wouldn't be difficult to add. Drupal is rapidly out pacing many of its 'peers' who seem to rest more on their laurels than innovation.

A seperate post answers Dave Winer's (majority shareholder and founder of Userland) question about why not stay with Radio. I have to agree. Winer took the Userland products (Radio, Frontier) commercial for all the right reasons. He needed to and it seems they are doing very well. But they attract a different audience as commercial products. The community that had been vibrant and public has now either ebbed into the 'paid' areas of content for the product's owners or disappeared entirely (I'm really not certain, the last time I owned one of the products the paid area was definitely thinner than the previous public community had been). Either way the visibility and realization of the possibilities is now available only to those who continue to pay for their subscription.