11 years ago the Gods of the Universe blessed the humans on earth with Zephyr, God of the West Wind. His duties were to assist the mortals of Earth, using his talents with wind and nose, in finding those that were presumed lost or missing. Among the many talents given to Zephyr to accomplish these goals were abilities to work through the human contaminated world, through land, water, snow both in mountains and populated zones.

To assist Zephyr in his duties he was given a mere mortal, Julie Weibler. The Gods determined that she should arrive at a Petsmart just when Zephyr was there and willed her to take the black and white Wind God of unknown background and many "ghosts"? in his young past and assist him in moving past those. The mortal Julie endeavored greatly, having already survived the challenges set forth by the Gods with her previous search dog, Tassie. Zephyr overcame the difficulties of daily life in the mortal's world where people had physically and mentally abused him before the Gods directed him to Julie. For years they lived in harmony, both at home and as a search dog/handler team.

Then came the day that the Gods determined that it might be time for Zephyr to leave the mortals, as they had new plans for him. They determined that each day in the mortal's world would become more trying for him, bringing back memories of trials and tribulations of his early life; days long forgotten due to the kindness and gentleness given by the mortal Julie. Each new dawn brought stress and frustration to Zephyr. His only peace was the time spent with the mortal Julie searching for other mere mortals that needed their assistance. He knew no pain or stress when helping the mortals of earth when in need.

The mortal Julie recognized that Zephyr was no longer enjoying his life with the mortals of earth. As the Gods had deemed her the mortal whose soul was intermingled with Zephyr's, she determined that Zephyr should return to assist the Gods of the Universe. So, one last time she and Zephyr assisted the mortals on earth by utilizing the skills he possessed on the water. Their final search was filled with sunshine, mountain air, and happiness.

Zephyr, the God of the West Wind, then left his canine life on earth on Wednesday, September 22, 2004, to resume his duties as the God of the West Wind. Upon his arrival, he found many former earth companions waiting to assist him, among them TASSIE, DUKE, and TELLER, his favored companions while on earth. The Gods of the Universe have deemed that they will continue to oversee the canines on earth who have been deemed to hold special status with the Gods by utilizing the winds. Each breeze that blows is Zephyr, God of the West Wind, reminding the mortals of their duties and special status in helping souls lost.

Written by Cheryl Kennedy
© 2004 Cheryl Kennedy


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Thank you and fare thee well

I had the pleasure of working with Zephyr several times. The first time I went on an actual mission for Larimer County Search and Rescue was with Julie, Darren, Ranger and Zephyr. In an afternoon we covered a dozen miles between mid-afternoon and dusk.