Solutions for non-mounting disk in OS X 10.3.5

Solution for non-mounting disk images We previously reported issues with Disk Utility being able to mount disk images. Users upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3.5 are receiving various errors, including "- 536870208" when attempting to do so.

Now MacFixIt reader Theodore Lyman has received a workaround from Apple that, in his case, allows disk images to once again work properly:

"Tech support was unable to resolve this immediately after having me go back to my base system i.e. no cards, extra memory etc. Also as I mentioned, Disk Utility would not create images either, giving the same error message. What was also unusual about this was that there was no option for the size of the disk image as there usually was. the pull down was gone.

"Solution - after about 24 hours, an Apple tech called me back with this solution - which did work.

"From the /System/Library remove the following files - "Extensions.kextcache", "Extensions.mkext", and the folder ""

"I then was told to run sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions (in the Terminal) to reset the cache info."