The Capital Grille

I went to a Cancer Society fundraiser at the soon to open Las Vegas Capital Grille last night. The selection was wine (including a wonderful Chardonay) and heavy appetizers. There was a nearly endless selection of sea food dishes, including wonderful (and huge) shrimp, crab, salmon and oysters. On the meat side was a rather plain turkey and a stellar pork. Notably absent was any hint of the signature steak. The service was good, though there are still kinks to be worked out. It took several tries for the requested water to make it to the table. There were also some tomato and mozzarella on toast. Although it smelled a bit of cheese, it had absolutely no flavor. None. Not a bit. All and all it will be a wonderful restaurant. Though it was a bit ironic to sit in a wonderful restaurant and look out on the "Bikini Electronic Bull Riding" sign on the Frontier casino.