Drupal kicks ass

On my walk last night I was listening to the Gillmore Gang's replay of a blogging strategies session at Gnomedex. I started paying attention to the features they needed in blogging tools and content management. There wasn't anything they mentioned that Drupal won't do. There are several items like search that it is very good at and it is easy to setup and run for even pretty novice users. The added thing is that it has an aggregator baked in so everywhere you go your aggregator is accessible even if your desktop computer isn't. Now, I'd love to have a better aggregator built in and have more feed by feed control. I'd love to be able to throttle a feed such as the Las Vegas Herald which assimilates local news but comes as floods that wipe out all the other news in the top of my aggregator. Then again these are small wants/needs compared to the simplicity and power of Drupal.