Winer's wrath

Dave Winer is not happy that Adam Curry is being credited with creating the art and technology for podcasting. Winer points out that his earlier audio blog posts should now be considered the foundation of pod-casting. He further claims that the fact that he previously wrote software capable of doing with Curry did means they should share credit. Curry has given ample credit to Winer already for RSS which is an integral part of the podcasting flow, but it is Curry who wrote the scripts that started the flow of podcasting. Indeed there have been audio blog posts for quite some time. There have been audio series on the internet such as interviews and conference programs. It's been possible for some time to download these and put them on portable music devices.

So here's the deal. Curry did invent the art and technology of podcasting. Is it built upon several earlier inventions? Absolutely. Where to start.... One of of the earliest is the recording of sound. Then of course there is the computer chip (itself built upon significant earlier technology), the operating system etc. So if we're going to give credit where credit is due then RSS is really a late comer to a very big string of events. Where is Winer's indignation that Steve Jobs and Woz don't get credit? It was after all technology from the company the two of them started that enabled a non-programmer like Adam Curry to start the process of automating the moving audio files to portable media players ... or podcasting.