Podcasting notes

I know I should do these as audio notes but they won't be done soon. So here are a few things that I've thought while listening to podcasts of late:

  1. Dave and Adam, it's really easy to go forward and back within a track on the iPod. Simply hold down the forward or back button and it will scan forward or backwards.
  2. It should be trivial to record a podcast on an iPod itself. A slick little setup would be two iPods making a completely remote studio. Add a little mixer board and some power (recording eats iPod batteries) and you're good to go. (You'll need a 3G or later iPod for at least one of the iPods).
  3. How does the philosophy of openness and competition mesh with the philosophy of hatred of a company. Winer notes that Microsoft didn't have to kill Netscape. It seems a bit hypocritical to criticize those who attend O'Reilly conferences because of the bad blood between Winer and O'Reilly.
  4. How long will it take until all podcasters can agree that the "Album" field should be for the name of the show. For Pete's sake put "Trade Secrets" in the album field not "saw somebody picking their nose while eating Russian noodles". The iPod (among others) has a great interface that allows one to easily find what they are looking for. Now, instead it's filled up with crap that doesn't tell the user anything useful. There is already a defined comments field for this stuff.
  5. If one wants to learn to be a journalist, start covering stories that aren't just 'cool'. People need to hear about town and city council meetings, local meetings. The chance that blogs have to be innovative in the world of journalism is not in the big world of covering political conventions, but in the little world of covering the local caucus and meet-the-candidates night.



An easier way, at least on a

An easier way, at least on a 3rd Generation iPod is press the button in the middle of the scroll wheel and then scroll forward or backward. This gives better control than holding down the forward or backward buttons.

It does give much finer contr

It does give much finer control, especially for going a long way through a track. The forward and back buttons do let you listen to the track while fast forwarding though and are easier to use without looking at the iPod itself (i.e. while driving or walking).