Why is Drupal missing?

I was cleaning up bookmarks and came across OpenSource CMS. Interestingly there is no mention of Drupal on their site. Why would that be? It is widely used and seems to be one of the most robust Open Source CMS solutions available.


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Oh, it's been mentioned

Once or twice. But the main posters there (myself excluded) are dead-set on their own system. No matter what your cms need is, their system is THE ONE to use. (I'm thinking of Mambo, BLOG:CMS, and zTML.) And those three systems are used by four of the top five posters there.

I was using postnuke, but never really recommended it to everyone. I'm switching to Drupal, and as soon as I understand it a bit more, I'll be recommending it.

I'm silverwing on opensourcecms.com, by the way. (My current site is www.misguidedthoughts.com)