Who are the good domain name Registrars out there?

A question for everyone, who are the good domain name registrars out there? Don't email me an answer because I won't get it. You see eNameCo.com has managed to bungle completely a change of name servers. Several of my key domains now respond to whois by saying there are no name servers for the domains. Here's the timeline, on Monday I tried to use the web interface and change the names. It said there was an error and it couldn't complete. Tuesday I noticed some odd bounces to email saying my domain had to exist to send email. Later Tuesday I started looking at whois and sure enough it says NO NAMESERVERS LISTED.

So I call the bozos, once they decide to get in the office this morning. They say "it's right in our database it just isn't showing up on Internic." News flash - I don't give a damn if it shows up in eNameCo's database. What I care about is does it show up in the Internic response to whois queries.

So the long and short is I'll be looking for a new registrar. I almost moved them today but given the lack of email and the probable confusion a transfer will add on top of their screw up, I'll have to wait. But when I do transfer who should I transfer to?




I would like to register the same "name" in multiple countries and would prefer to do it all through a single registrar so I only have to complete one form and can make payments in one step. I know some registrars have some major extensions but I am looking for a comprehensive list if one exists. The main part of the name is obviously the same, just different extensions.

my client has a domain name

my client has a domain name with a registrar based in the US, my client is uncomfortable with the fact that it is continents away as we're hosting the website and our webhosts are a 15 minutes drive away. What are the implications and the things we have to look into here? Does it matter if the
registrar is here or half the globe away? My client owns the domain name. When i look up the domain name on the whois, it states his details. His name is under the Registrant Contact. Please advise me on this. Thanking you all in advance.