About Adding Understanding

I started writing online in 1995 in several places. One of my first jobs was as a blog editor, though we didn't know yet what they would be called, rather we just set out to add information to the nascent internet. Along the way I've come upon some great people and learned a lot from each of them. After more than a decade I've reached this site.

The tagline for this site has changed over time. At one time it was "High Elevation Perspectives" which reflected it's Colorado orgins. As things have changed in my life it became Southern Nevada Notes. Today marks another transition.

We're very fortunate to have a new author joining the site and possibly more to come. This means it is once again time to look at the site and do some work. It is not easy to find a couple of words that express the philosophy and what the name means. The name Adding Understanding comes from the idea that there are two types of people in the world. Those who add understanding, of the world around them, life in general and many things in particular are positive forces on the world. Their contributions are numerous and often little understood. When the sun goes down these are the people you want to have by your side, as business partners, friends and companions. The antithesis of someone who adds understanding is the constant change of chaos.

Much of what will be posted here will likely be the mundane, the little bits of life that should be shared with someone, anyone or no-one in particular. From time to time there may just be some little bits of life that make someone else's expierence more enjoyable. Life is too short for folks who add chaos and don't contribute to understanding this world we share. If you'd like to share your understanding feel free to do so here or drop me a note and let me know where to find your corner of the web.

Wishing you days filled with peace,


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Why do you have my surname? I m Brauer too.
Nice to meet you

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I heard of Drupal for the 1st time about a month ago and became an instant fan. It's through struggling to get my own site together that I became aware of yours via the news aggregator. I really like your site's theme and your posts are very interesting. I hope I can raise my own site to the same level of professionalism.
Anyhoo, hello from a fellow Drupaller in Bristol,UK

Welcome to Drupal


The theme for this site is available for download from another site. There is another version (someone else's port) that is out as well. Haven't managed yet to get it posted over at the Drupal.org site. Some day when I have time... whenever that is.