Apple sues Think Secret

Daring Fireball has a story exploring the reasoning behind the recent decision by Apple Computer to sue Think Secret for posting information that Apple calls trade secrets.

Daring Fireball's assertion that one of Apple's main goals is revealing the identities of people responsible for the leaks. The story and Apple's suit seem to presume there are one or more cooperative sources for information. Isn't it just possible though, that as in the case of Apple's Graphing Calculator their security might not be 100% foolproof. What if instead of getting information from inside sources someone has developed a method, including being in the right place to overhear conversations, some productive dumpster diving etc.

OK you're going to say but surely a company the size of Apple would have better control of information. But it doesn't take a lot leaks to let the cat out of the bag. The nature of some of Think Secret's information over the years suggests they have gotten some very good information and it isn't hard to reach the conclusion that some or all of it had to have been intentionally passed, but it doesn't mean it all is.