The End is in Sight

Today was "Day Zero" of the Aviation Officer Basic Course." It consisted of a PT test followed by a series of briefings.

The PT test went better than expected considering my recent excesses in Miami. I scored above ninety percent in each event. My run was slower than usual but, considering that my past times were excellent, my slower run was still a ninety-two percent. I am going to try and get back into better shape over the next six weeks so that I can get back to a perfect score on the run.

The briefings were boring but contained some useful information. Most importantly, we received a full schedule for the next six weeks. That is a change from the usual "need to know" type of schedule we have gotten in the past.

********* I will be graduating from flight school on February 24, 2005 at 1000. ********* This is a Thursday. You are all invited to attend. The Aviation Officer's ball will be the evening of the 23rd.

I am thrilled to be in the last phase of training and to have the end in sight. I am also getting just a little bit anxious about the future. I will continue to keep you all up to date.


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Anxious about the future!?! J

Anxious about the future!?! James you are in the Army, you don't have to worry about the future you just be like a good Buddhist and be inthe moment. The brass will worry about your future.

Rock n Roll in the moment and you will do the best of course which is you usual 95-110% ... chill man. You are an Army Pilot!


Justin in colorado