First Assignment

Here it is, the news I you have all been waiting for. I have received my first duty assignment. I will be joining the 101st Airborn Division at Fort Campbell, KY immediately upon completion of flight school. I dont know the deployment schedule yet but I believe the unit is scheduled to deploy to Iraq shortly after I arrive. It may be almost time to go play in the sandbox!

Back here, the Army is working hard to prepare me for the worst. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training has begun. I will be in classroom sessions until Friday. On Saturday I will be in the field for a week. The information I am getting is classified so I cant share it here. Suffice it to say the Special Forces guys teaching this class really know their stuff. One of our instructors has even been though the POW experience himself in Iraq.

I feel good knowing where I will likely be for the next several years even if that time will be interrupted periodically for trips across the pond.

Take care and be safe,


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you will have to get a copy o

you will have to get a copy of DUNE to read while in the sand box, as well as a copy of *Wind, Sand, and Stars* by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. (review at:)

If you dont have one, the head wear things from BUFF ... like a tube that you can wear as a tuke, two of them can cover neck and head and would be great to use in the sand box(

make sure you have really good knives... SOG makes good ones if you do not get from supply. utilitools too. always travel with your medic pack and side arm. clean the damn colt often, that dust is like talc. read the koran, what the hell right, if you quote stuff, aka show interest, haveing arab friends would be a good thing, it is a lot like sufi poetry which is amazing.

get some bob marley and the whalers, dont worry be happy, cause that is the only option, won't help to stress, just be cool.

See you when you get back and we go ski or sail or climb mckinley or something.


Justin Mead, loveland