This is big

The new Mac mini is going to be huge. You heard it here first, but it will be simply quite huge. For years auto customizers have been finding ways to put small computers in their cars and do cool things with them. It is a matter of time (weeks or months) until a good shock mount comes out for mounting this sub-7-inch wonder in all kinds of places. Then a small touch screen and you're almost set. Have your iTunes download overnight. Think your Audi A8's sound system is great. Wait till you have this baby driving your in-car entertainment.

But it will do so much more. Are you a business person traveling a lot on the road? Pull up to your local Mc Donald drive-up and upload your sales reports while you're waiting for your Big Mac. Maybe the name of podcasting will have to change to MiniCasting, think about it these things are going to be in your car, download your latest hits (or latest podcasts) and be ready to hit the road for the commute in the morning. Hook up your GPS and your bluetooth phone and you've got the trip log for the IRS built every day as you go down the road. Best of all when you get to Grandma's house you can pull it out and use it in the guest bedroom.

This little thing is going to be big.