Back in the Air (Sort of)

I got to fly again today (sort of). We have been planning a multi-ship mission all week with the intent to fly it in a sophisticated multi-person simulator called the AVCATT. We had a practice flight today.

The AVCATT consists of two trailers. Within the trailers are six rooms, each of which simulates a cockpit. There is also a conrol room where the Battle Master Commander (BMC) can control every aspect of the mission environment. He can add enemy or friendly forces, change the weather, bring in artillery, or create aircraft malfuntions. It makes for an experience very much like a really cool video game.

I was the pilot in charge of my aircraft because I was paired up with a Luitenant who had never flown a Blackhawk at all. Compared to her, therefore, I was a veteran. It was fun to try and teach her a little bit about the hawk while flying the mission. We brought a load to troops to the LZ, returned to base, picked up HumVees on sling loads, and then brought them back to the troops we had dropped off.

We did not have to worry about enemy activity today since we were just practicing. Tomorrow will be more challenging.