Desert rain

Dawn was nearly clear. A few puffy clouds spotted the edges of the valley. By mid-morning the cloud cover had become pretty solid. Hours later, the density of the cloud cover convinced the dusk-dawn timer on the outside lights that dusk arrived at 2:00 pm.

When the rain comes it often is in waves. A few minutes of light sprinkle proceeds sheets coming in succession. As quickly as it began calm is once again restored until the next sprinkle begins the cycle again.

It's been a busy year. Exactly 366 days ago (leap-year and all) I took an early morning flight back to Colorado. I wrote "I've been out of the loop a bit this week." That was really code for I've been out of state interviewing and found the job I really want. Now, a year later I sit watching the sun set on the beautiful western skies. A handful of leaves hang on from last season, but the trees are about to replace them with this year's crop. In a few weeks the arena fence will no longer be visible from the office window - replaced by a sea of spring time green.

I'm ready for a few years that don't bring as much change as this one has. Then who knows what will be next.