Wired on podcasting

Wired Magazine has an article in the March issue on Adam Curry, the brains behind iPodder. It is a pretty good article that gives a good overview of the genre.

It appears as though Dave Winer does not like the article. His response "Dear Wired, get a fact-checker," is puzzling. I've read and re-read the article. It seems the comment might relate to his comment last week that Curry was to be credited with work that Winer, not Curry, did. After several reads I don't find any such reference in the article. Assuming from earlier comments that the bone of contention is crediting Winer for inventing RSS which is an enabling technology. The article, which does parenthetically cite Winer as the inventor of RSS, does not go too far into the origins of podcasting.

Instead of providing details of the transgression we are left to wonder if the Trade Secrets podcast is a thing of the past or just on temporary hiatus while its masters settle their scores and lick wounds from a failed business venture? In a media where both Winer and Curry have clamored for openness there is a decided lack of openness about the wedge between these two. Terse statements here and there reveal little and the disclosure of conflicts is non-existent.