ALSE Update

Well, I am entering the last few weeks of the ALSE course. We have learned about flotation equipment, first aid and survival kits, body armor and restraint harnesses. Today we talked about helmets and protective eyewear. I am attaching a photo of the class inspecting life rafts and another of me looking goofy with some very expensive laser protective eye glasses.

I have made most of my plans for leave when I get done here. I will be going to New York, Washington DC, Seattle, and Colorado during my time off. I'll be in Colorado from April 13th through the 15th. Hopefully I'll get to do some Skiing. I'll probably also stop by a search and rescue meeting for old times sake.

Life is so easy here right now that I am no longer in any big hurry to leave. On the other hand, I am looking forward to getting to Campbell and getting back in the air.


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hey Mack.... does not take gr

hey Mack.... does not take green glasses to make you look goofy...

you came out goofy looking


ha ha

rock on