Formbuilder for data objects

I recently started working with DB_DataObject_FormBuilder, a part of the PEAR extensions to PHP. It is quite handy for rapidly creating web forms from MySQL databases. Unfortunately the main website with documentation is offline at the moment. Google has some of the pages in its cache.... digging.



Markus took his website down

Markus took his website down for the moment as he just learned of a possible break-in. Lickily I just copied over the docs to my website (which runs the same software, but newer and more patched). You can view it here:

Thanks for the trackback, it makes responding so much easier.

Fantastic!!! Thanks! I'd j

Fantastic!!! Thanks!

I'd just about given up for the moment because using the rapid prototyping presentation from the International PHP 2004 Conference references the older var $select_display_field etc. I'd found the new names in the documents in PEAR but was missing the critical '$fb_' prefix.

I added that and presto!

Good, glad you got it all wor

Good, glad you got it all working. That presentation is very *very* old. Use the updated version if you can. The original is way out of date.