Resting place

This weblog will soon reside in a new place. Readers will still access it with the same name and things will look the same on the surface. Behind the scenes it will move to a different computer and a new home on the internet. One of the issues is my current host's inability to deal with a small, yet annoying, issue. They run web-page stats just after midnight. With the software used it produces a nice daily average. Except, since the program is run just after midnight, it averages the 40-50 page requests from midnight twenty past the new day with previous days. Owing to this problem the stats are not very meaningful until near the end of the month and not totally accurate until after the end of the month.

I brought this to their attention. "Nobody else has complained," was the response. So because nobody else has taken the time to point out that either properly configuring the software or running it 30-minutes earlier would solve the problem my business will migrate elsewhere.