What a difference a day makes

On Monday it seemed the rancorous debate was nearing an end. Both sides of Schiavo vs. Schiavo would allow Mrs. Schiavo's wishes to be honored. As with many an uneasy truce, it was too good to last. Today the Schnidlers brought one-time presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson in to stir the pot. Reports suggest he was not terribly successful except in stirring up expectations. Today CNN is reporting that the 11th Circuit Court will hear an appeal. There is no indication on the court's website, nor could they be reached for comment.

As if the circus atmosphere surrounding one woman's desire to live and die as she pleased is not enough, Bob Schindler has sold the list of names of supporters gathered from the Schindlers' website, to a direct mail agency. The folks who were drawn in to trying to insert government into the marriage vows of husband and wife will now be solicited by conservative groups.

Since it's not quite a full three-ring circus yet the mainstream media has been giving short shrift to stories about Tom Delay's consensus with his family's decision to cease life support for his father when his father was in a coma. Delay worked to get a bill through Congress allowing Federal Courts to intervene in the Schiavo's marriage as well. Another largely ignored story tells of Florida state law enforcement, acting on orders from Jeb Bush, were in route to seize Mrs. Schiavo from her hospice room and take her to a hospital. The only thing is at least an hour earlier the Florida courts had ruled that this could not happen. Local police protecting the hospice prepared for a showdown with the would-be state kidnappers.

Meanwhile on the Rush Limbaugh (MP3) show suggests the whole tragic situation is good for a joke. Purportedly Limbaugh will be giving pain killers in favor of Starvation for Serenity centers. And somewhere along the line I thought Limbaugh would have been a supporter of the sanctity of marriage more than government entering into the private lives of a family.