Giving a Mac mini a try

O'Reilly has an article for curious try-ers of the . The story, which details a try-er instead of a switcher, shows how Todd Ogasawara found his experience of trying a Mac mini.

He added several features that drive the cost up significantly and aren't necessary. Unfortunately he compounds this by suggesting a Windows PC is cheaper, or you get more for your money. However, there were several extras that he added to the mini that weren't taken into consideration. (By the way how many Windows users use .Mac?)

However, he has not found what I consider the greatest feature of OS X. Safari. Safari has inline spell checking. As someone who composes on the web all the time this feature alone is worth significant note. It makes it possible to have the all-to-familiar red lines wiggling about under the words I write, here or elsewhere, and keeps the spelling more likely to be correct. With Tiger's addition of "Look Up in Dictionary" providing instant access to the New Oxford American Dictionary to every word typed watch out!! Oh, and there is something called "Dashboard" coming too, but those are all features to be added later this week.