H2G2 Hit and a miss

Fresh from seeing the new Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy movie I thought I'd come home and write a great review. As is oft the case, however, I found that it has already been done very well. The BBC review covers the subject very nicely. A nice, if quirky adaption of the story that most Hitchhiker's fans will likely appreciate and chuckle at a time or two and will be lost on the unread or unheard masses.

The bottom line is this is a good movie and Hitchhiker's fans won't be nearly as disappointed as the Star Wars generation will be in a couple of weeks. Since there was an Episode III trailer I'm now more convinced that Episode III might be a tiny (but only a tiny) fraction better than the last two disappointments. Some posts suggest it might be better. The trailer, however, suggests it tries, once again to strike a balance between the original trilogy's heavy battle story-lines and the lighter storytelling. Episode I and Episode II have proven a failure in this regard. The trailer offers little reason for different expectations of this installment. When the trailer has more talking heads than the PBS News Hour one has to wonder.

Thanks to the BBC I now know where to find the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy on my Treo phone. This will lead to many fine hours of exploration.