Move and upgrade

You're looking at this post which means you're seeing the new and improved Adding Understanding. We've moved to our permeant home for the next several years and upgraded to Drupal 4.6.

So far the only major stumbling block has been the lack of Network Solutions site working. For the last several hours a successful login is met with "We're sorry but we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again or select from the options below." Of course the options below will allow me to register new domains with them.... yeah... I'm likely to do that. I'll likely try Register Fly for the next bout. It had been a toss up between Register Fly and Go Daddy but Register Fly includes DNS and Go Daddy doesn't. Easy choice.

Update: It turns out that if you use the node_privacy_byrole module in Drupal you have to use it with Drupal 4.6 as well (the 4.5 version seems to work). Otherwise, users who are not logged in don't see anything.