Benchmarking Content Management Systems

Today was time for a bit more work on server moves. As a part of that process I spent some time working with Apache tuning for performance. I also did some very unscientific tests on a couple of content management systems as well as some static sites. The static sites, not surprisingly, outperformed the dynamic pages, but even within the dynamic realm there was quite a difference between the couple of systems I looked at. The tests were not complete enough or reasonable enough to publish yet. I'll do some more testing in the next few days and see if I can't put together some meaningful results.

The array of content management systems available makes testing rather complicated and can cause it to lean towards the meaningless side. For many low-volume web sites the differences won't add up to a whole lot. Compounding the difficulty is that few systems have identical features. I think I'll put together a sample site with a half dozen stories and use that.