Freeedom to publish

Despite the First Amendment, America has anything but a free press. Despite the ever greater power of the media in America, truth and freedom seem less apparent. Special interest groups, including but not limited to, the big corporations that own most mainstream publications, exert direct and indirect pressure over the images and words that appear. ... To be able to regularly photograph or write from the heart for an American magazine is a rare privilege these days.

Galen Rowell, 2001

In his 1993 book From Freedom to Slavery Gerry Spence outlines the new government-corporate conglomerate that is eroding the under pinnings of American democracy. The consistent willingness of many in our country to give up their rights to corporations and to sit idly by as citizens are stripped rights in the name of patriotism.

The quote from Galen Rowell above is a part of a series of essays written for Outdoor Photographer. In the essay he tells of several essays and photos of his which were not published because of the censorship imposed by news media organizations. One of the challenges for weblogs is to see how authors can create an environment of inquiry, questioning and challenging one another without subjecting weblogs to the same kind of intellectual fraud that goes on in mainstream media.

As we approach Memorial Day let's each take some time to reflect upon the many fine patriots who have perished in the cause of liberty and commit to taking on our part of the mantle in protecting these same liberties for generations to come.


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Galen Rowell

Rowell was an amazing photographer who understood many things that others do not. Freedom was one thing he understood very well, and your commentary is right on target.

Best wishes with the blog!