Hey all:
I reported to my unit today. It looks like I will be in Flight 2, Bravo Company, Fifth Battalion, 101 Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborn (Air Assault) Division.

Things are a little bit disorganzed because the battalion recently switched airfields. Also, there is a lot to do with deployment in the works. I met most of the Company and they all seem pretty cool. Unfortuntely, due to several factors that I cant really discuss, I will likely not get to fly at all for quite a while. I will kill some time by going to Air Assault school for two weeks starting on Wednesday and then probably be given some additional duties.

I am bummed about this turn of events but it is out of my control entirely. I will talk to the lead instructor tomorrow and see if anything can be arranged.

Otherwise, things are good and I dont have any real complaints.


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would help if you heard about my sunday?

you see, the whole assualt training... i went for a group ride here in colorado and about 27 people showed up... i went with a 'fast' group which ended up being mostly 6 of us but then, this guy comes on the back door riding a MV Augusta..... shiny new... on the peak to peak and we are just tooling along leisurely at about 80-90 on the big sweepers and drop down into ward, to lee hill over to boulder back on 36 and in lyons.... the MV Augusta gets in front.... and i am second just leisurely carving the pavement when the two hot rod oil head bmw's and the one ducati guy decide to get rompin and pass me and the MV Augusta has none of that and off we all go, up 7 on the tight twisting and hitting 105... keep in mind my old red bike is 20 years old... i am about at my horsepower limit of hauling butt however the ducati guy latter was like... i was suprised every time i looked back there you were!.... I did not have enough suspension or ponies to pass the ducati but, i did use all of my tire tread and was just about scrapping aerostitch knee pads....

point is... after assualt training, maybe you will be able to haul that fast?

or, the point is.... you should have taken the ducati?

or the point is.... freak it, no point, just sharing... =) har har... Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem