Riding for Pleasure

Having grown up owning and riding horses I was always able to ride whenever I wanted. It was a integral part in me wanting to have horses be a part of my life forever. However, I think that my views of riding have evolved as I have grown older. As a young person I thought that if you had horses that you needed to go out and show to win no matter what the sacrifice. There was a lot of back stabbing, fighting and rudeness. Everyone was always fighting for the best trainer, the best outfit, the most prestigous shows. I must say that I did get cought up in it. As I went away to college I took my horse with me. In order to pay for her care I decided to work at the stable she was at. $500 a month for a college student was a lot of money. I learned a lot about the equine show world from the back side. What I saw did not impress me. I could not belive that I had been part of it. I began to take a look at my real motives for riding. My horse soon came to retirement age and I decided to let someone have her as a broodmare and small time eventer. I pretty much left the horses behind. Besides doing some exercising and riding other peoples horses I took myself out of the scene. What I did not realize was that it was not the horse part that I did not agree with, it was the showing and the lifestyle. After a few years I had the opportunity to get another horse and decided not to make the same mistakes I had before. This time it was going to be about the horses and the enjoyment I got from riding. Although I have been through a couple of horses I think I have gotten back the feeling of pleasure when I ride. I must admit I do fuss about my eq and how clean my horse is but I can live with that. Occasionaly I think about looking for a trainer but then I remind myself that that is not the path I want to follow. Josh (my husband) and I have recently moved to a rural area outside of Las Vegas and are able to ride from our yard for hours in any direction. Quiet, no cars, and always an adventure. It has become what it should be for those who cherish our equine friends...PLEASURE