Janet, Southwest and funny people

Good morning from McCarran airport. After a frustrating time dealing with Southwest airlines I'm parked comfortably at the gate. Another hour will pass before the flight boards. However, a wayward passenger made a trip too close to the wall and now all the early-birds with their "A" boarding passes are standing for the foreseeable future.

The Southwest problems began when I arrived a little over two hours before my flight. Standing in line for an hour before any agents came to check in bags was frustrating. Then they arrived and said that although I'm allowed 150 pounds of luggage it has to be in three seperate bags or a $25 per bag sur-charge is imposed. So the extra books for boys state will end up costing an extra C-note unless I find another bag along the way to put five pounds of luggage in. Bah!

Dawn was making its way down the hills to the south of the valley as I arrived at the gate. There is always something spectacular about both dawn and dusk in the desert. It is a beauty that is unrivaled and unless experienced first hand is hard to imagine. The runway has been quiet as I write with the exception of a Janet Airlines jet.

It goes without saying that when I went to get a cinnamon roll Cinnabun was closed but Pizza Hut was open - at 5AM. This is going to be an interesting day.



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