Watching and Waiting

This past week has been characterized by watching and waiting. Despite my instructor's promise to "fly me until my eyes bleed" I have not been in the air at all since my last flight one week ago. Rather, I have hung out around the hanger watching other pilots plan for flights and waiting for my turn to come. I have also, of course, continued to keep the fridge stocked with sodas and junk food in addition to taking out the trash, cleaning-up after the other pilots, and studying. This is the glorious, adventure-filled life of a new aviator.

In addition to watching and waiting, I am staying up all night so that I can "reverse out" with the rest of the company. Everyone else is flying at night and sleeping during the day. Even though I am not flying the powers-that-be decided that I should keep the same schedule. That means that I am usually sitting at home or at the hanger all night, bored, while everyone else flies. Exciting.

On the bright side, I am scheduled to fly tonight. If the weather stays good and no one else suddenly needs to take my slot I will be in the air from 2200 - 0200. Keep your fingers crossed.

I took some pictures of the planning session last night. You will see the pilots preparing a chalk diagram on the hangar floor for a dress rehearsal of the mission and another picture of them sitting in the briefing room. It is a relatively interesting procedure to observe. It would be more interesting to actually be part of it.

On the bright side, I am continuing to bond with my co-workers and get used to life in Clarksville, TN. I am also spending more time in Nashville visiting the local bars and clubs. There is certainly a lot more to do here than there was in Daleville, Alabama.