Cowboys Helping Kids???

We ran a story a couple of days ago pointing to the KNPR report on Cowboys Helping Kids the reported trail ride across (South to North) America to support kids and domestic violence victims. Since then the project's $5,000 donated website has been taken offline and later replaced with a sponsor page listing the sponsors of the project.

Attached to this post are a few images of what the website looked like when it existed at


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Picking Up the Reins.

11 Jan 2006 Cowboys Helping Kids a Volunteer kids western fundraising Charity, which was represented as an almost mentor/Big Brother style, Rodeo Associated, Donating Aid and Contributions to children across the United States, horseback, was pulled from the Internet.

This could become a great Organization. The fact that one person has placed a negative stigma around it, doesn’t stop the fact that other Country and Western Personalities in our Community can’t change it.

It was in 2006 while researching a horseback trail ride from Detroit Michigan to Bisbee Arizona we discovered that Cowboys Helping Kids took a turn for the worst. We were researching what types of issues we would run into and what we had to prepare for. What kind of troubles that we can identify, along our own ride. It was to become Russell’s Retirement Ride, from over 20 years of Active Duty Service. When Russell found Cowboys Helping Kids negative stigma he became almost obsessed with the idea of correcting it. He decided this was so wrong, and on so many levels, and that so many people got scheisted on this scheme that something needed to be done.

Anyone who has read, or lived the Cowboy’s Western Lifestyle knows that Cowboys will always try to right a wrong. We believe that we can correct this malice.

In cooperation several organizations and Russell’s drive it was decided that we can all correct this malice. So on 31-Dec-07 it was decided to re-register Cowboys Helping Kids. It wasn’t until 2010 after a tour to Iraq and a tour to Afghanistan that the original website was rebuilt and that it was placed back out on the web. Cowboys Helping Kids will ride again. Russell Anderson and several of his Desert Cowboys (Military Service Members) have decided to band together to “right a wrong.”

Can we overcome the negative stigma? Can we actually make a difference to the Children along the way? We believe that we can. We believe with our combined efforts and the support of the entire western community that we can overcome any obstacle and make this an instrumental organization.

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